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One hour from Stockholm city you´ll find Furusund restaurant, hotel and conferencecenter. Here, right by the canal and the fairway, you can enjoy breathtaking views, excellent service and great food & beverages. In the peaceful surroundings and with the ocean outside the window, you will find the time to meet, be creative and let the inspiration flow.

We are happy to help you book an activity to make your day complete. Here, at Furusund, there are many beautiful places to explore. Whatabout a boattrip in the archipelago? Let us pack some swedish fika for you ! Lean back and enjoy the beautiful nature!

Easy to reach... Our hotel, restaurant and conferencefacilities are easy to reach from Stockholm city. We can arrange transportation and make sure you are picked up where you wish and at the right time. Furusund is situated one hour from Stockholm and Arlanda. Meetings at Furusund should be inspiring and rewarding, but also full of enjoyment for body and soul. A balance between work and rest.

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